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Themed Pokemon Tournaments and a League to challenge!

Jak's League (Ja'Lea) Est. Jan 2017:

Champion: OPEN

Generational Elite 4 (Challenge Cost is 1A or 1D):

E4: JD........... [Sinnoh].... (Machamp, Alakazam, Steelix, Jolteon, Drapion, Scizor)

E3: Blake...... [Unova]..... (Hydriegon, Lilligant, Accelgor, Mienshao, Krookidile, Excadrill)

E2: Clay........ [Alola]........ (Kommo-o, Cloyster, Mimikyu, Carbink, Lilligant, Scizor)

E1: Anthony.. [Hoenn]....... (Feraligatr, Kingdra, Flygon, Hydreigon, Garchomp, Porygon2)

Challengers Defeated:  10

Dual Type Gyms:

G8: Critical Comic (FIGHTING/FAIRY)

G7: Luis (GROUND/FIRE) <- Doubles Gym






G1: RessPess (BUG/STEEL)

Ja'Lea Ruleset:

Play Restrictions

  1. Endless Battle Clause: Any move set on any Pokémon that is capable of intentionally causing an endless battle is banned from competitive play.
  2. Moody Clause: Pokémon with the ability Moody are not permitted.
  3. Protean Clause: Pokemon with the ability Protean are not permitted.
  4. Sleep Clause: Only one Pokémon may be put to sleep on the opposing team at a time, if not induced by a move such as Rest.
  5. Baton Pass Clause: Only one Pokémon per team may know the move Baton Pass.
  6. Species Clause: Players cannot have two Pokémon with the same Pokédex number on the same team.

Banned Pokémon

  • Legendaries
  • Mythicals
  • Ultrabeasts
  • Aegislash
  • Blaziken
  • Pokemon with base stat totals that exceed 600 (Except Wishiwashi and Slaking)

Banned Items

  • Gengarite
  • Kangaskhanite
  • Lucarionite
  • Mawilite
  • Salamencite
  • Metagrossite

Banned Moves

  • Double Team
  • Minimize

Additional League Info:

All Ja'Lea communication is done through Kik. In order to allow room for more people, there are separate chats for each of the gyms and one for the Elite 4.

Furthermore, the members are stratified into the following groupchats:

  • Ja'Lea Village (Villagers)
  • Ja'Lea City (Royals)
  • Ja'Lea Palace (Warlords)
  • Ja'Lea Temple (Deities)

See the bottom of the description for details on how to obtain higher ranks and what is available to high ranking members

As there are too many Villagers to list, I will only publicly recognize the Ja'Lea Royals, Warlords, and Deities. These members are stronger than average and are an integral part of the management and improvement of Ja'Lea and its ruleset.

Royals [8 Gym Badges]:

  • James "JD"... (8A,3H) {Lifecycle1 Champion} [Current Gym Manager] (1 Skip)
  • Kyle "Sage"... (4A)
  • Clay ...............(4A,1H)
  • Blake............(3A200D, 1H) {Veteran Royal}
  • Katie...............(1A)
  • Arsel............... (0A,1H)
  • Zypher............(3A,1H)
  • Surge..............(1A)
  • DJ....................(1A)
  • Anthony..........(1A)

Warlords [Defeated the E4 and Champ]:

  • Van Hellboi... (12A)

Deities [Defeated the Lore Frontier]:

Masters [Veteran Deities with Lifecycle and Draft Titles]:

The Ja'Lea Region uses Apricorn for currency and as a reference for League ranks. Apricorn can be earned by members who are Royals or higher by placing in tournaments or by defending the e4 against challengers who are not current e4 members. Each time the E4 successfully defeats a challenger, each of the members earn 1 Apricorn and the Champion earns 2. This only applies if the e4 member has less than 20A or if the Champion has less than 40A. Furthermore, the member who personally beats the challenger doubles their prize. 

Veteran Status is achieved by having a combined total of 50 or more Apricorn and Husks. It will be indicated by adding a "+" to your Rank. (Ex: +Deity)

Royal Perks:

  1. Complimentary 1A
  2. Personalized City Access Badge (Upon Request)
  3. Gym Takeover Power
  4. Can Challenge the E4 & Apply for open E4 positions

Warlord Perks:

  1. Complimentary 5A
  2. Personalized Palace Access Badge (Upon Request)
  3. E4 Takeover Power
  4. Can challenge Lore Frontier & apply for open Lore Keeper positions

Deity Perks:

  1. Complimentary 10A
  2. Personalized Temple Access Badge (Upon Request)
  3. Permanent Legendary Status (can use 1 banned Pokemon in league events)
  4. Double Tourney Apricorn

Master Perks:

  1. Complimentary 20A
  2. Personalized Masterball Trophy (Upon Request)
  3. Bragging Rights (you won everything)
  4. Keys to the park


  • Apricorn can be used to purchase 3D printed Pokemon Statuettes (Cost = 50)
  • If used, Apricorn (A) are displayed as Husks (H)
  • Apricorn obtained by donation are displayed as unused (D) and used (J)

If you're feeling generous, I accept donations to help pay for the 3D printing material and stamps I purchase for prizes. I will give you 1 Apricorn for every $0.10 USD, and I'll throw in a personalized luxury ball figurine if you donate a lot. Please let me know if you're interested and I will send you my PayPal link.

Thank you for donating!

  • Blake 20 [Luxury Donor]